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Quintessence Saxophone Quintet

The Quintessence Saxophone Quintet is distinguished from all the other Classic-Jazz saxophone ensembles by its unique combination of high musical virtuosity with a tremendous stage presence. These qualities were confirmed by the jury of the “Tourneo Internationale di Musica“ in Italy in 2010. The ensemble succeeded in winning the first prize, competing against various ensembles from all over europe. Now let’s look at why.

The whole repertoire is played by heart - the musical structures are supported by the subtle choreography of the five exceptional musicians. They hereby transform every performance into ear and eye candy - for every listener, irrespective of their age or listening habits.

The idea of revamping classical pieces from Bach and Beethoven to Mozart and Vivaldi may seem outdated to some, however the fashion in which Quintessence handles the originals makes the audience revel in enthusiasm. Add a dashing of more modern music to make a well-balanced blend of music no-one can resist.
On countless stages and at festivals around the world, the saxophonists have already convinced their audiences. Reviewers from every genre are also impressed by their 12 CDs and meanwhile 3 DVDs.

Quintessence is not only outstanding music and sparkling entertainment. Five sympathetic guys with a huge amount of humour take the crowd with them on their absorbing journey, leaving no passenger out on the fun. The audience regularly show their gratitude and never hesitate to tell us: This is what makes the Quintessence Saxophone Quintet so unique.

Members Biographies
Sven Hoffmann (alto & soprano saxophones) was born in 1971. First he studied classical saxophone in Münster (D) with Wolfgang Bleibel and Simone Otto. He then studied Jazz with John Ruocco and Jan Menu at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag (NL). He has been on tour with the "Landesjugend-jazzorchester NRW" visiting
west Africa and China. Furthermore he was a member of the "Royal Conservatory Big Band" led by Legends Bob Minzer, Gerald Wilson and Jerry van Rooijen, playing venues like the North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Haag.

Ulrich Lettermann (soprano & alto saxophones) was born in 1967. The first instrument he tackled at the age of 6 was the piano. 6 years later he was into the clarinet and church organ and finally at the age of 14 he found his true love, the saxophone. Uli studied educational music and composition at the Academy of Music in Detmold and German studies at the University of Paderborn. Since then he has been working as a composer and arrangeur. In 2001 he expanded his field of work as a composer into the area of film and audio-book music. You can hear him as a soloist with various chamber music ensembles and jazz bands. Uli is a founding member of QSQ.

Kai Niedermeier (tenor saxophone) was born in 1976. In 1989 he fell in love with the saxophone, so deeply that he proceeded to study at the Conservatory of Den Haag and finished his Masters at Enschede. Kai has played with musicians like Kenny Wheeler, Pete O'Mara and Nippy Noya and has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Kai has participated in workshops with greats such as Michael Brecker, James Moody and Dave Liebman. He coaches and holds band workshops on a regular basis. Kai brought out his first solo album "Funk Alert“ in 2006.

Anatole Gomersall (baritone saxophone) was born in 1964 in London, the son of a band leader. Starting jazz in young years and playing with great musicians such as Oliver Groenewald, Peter Bernard Smith MBE, Marko Lackner and Frederick Köster has made Anatole a real team-worker. Anatole studied Music and English at Bielefeld University. A large array of different projects and disciplines from symphonic wind bands to avant-garde trios and crossover bands, has formed him into an impeccable saxophonist with a very personal touch. Parallel to his concert activities Anatole gives big band workshops and coaches sax sections.

Andreas Menzel (tenor & alto saxophones) was born in 1962. Andreas studied music with a focus on the saxophone and piano. He has many references playing as a theatre and studio musician. Since 1982 he has built up a reputation as a guest soloist in an abundant array of different ensembles. Andreas has gained expert knowledge as a music educationist just as well as a big band leader and orchestral conductor for wind bands. Andreas is a founding member of QSQ.

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